New Perrysburg road construction adding to driver's headaches

New Perrysburg road construction adding to driver's headaches

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - If you live in Perrysburg, chances are you've had to find another route to get around this summer.

Construction has made for several detours and the latest closure has the patience of drivers wearing thin.

"I'm doing several errands in Perrysburg today and I'm frustrated," said driver Jody Hearns.

First it was ramp closures at I-75 and I-475 in Perrysburg.

Then, it was the closure of Roachton at State Route 199 for roundabout construction.

Now, Eckel Junction is closed at Carranade for another roundabout.

It's a route many drivers were using as a detour for the other closures.

"I've tried to get over to Route 20 several different ways. The bridge in Maumee is a mess right now, so I thought I'd take my usual little shortcut through the back and 'nope. I can't get through here either.' so it's a little bit crazy," said Hearns.

The city of Perrysburg recommends drivers take Hamilton to Eckel Junction, to Thompson and then Five Point Road to get back to 199...and vice versa.

And get used to the extra miles, the intersection at Carranade and Eckel Junction will be closed for another 40 days or so.

ODOT says Roachton Rd. east of 199 will be closed through the end of September.

Drivers will be able to use Roachton Rd. west of 199 around mid-month.

The traffic trouble continues from Perrysburg, over the river and into uptown Maumee.

Roadwork is also be done on Conant street.

Expect delays and lane restrictions through Halloween.

As for the I-75 and I-475 ramps, ODOT says they're still on schedule to reopen at the end of September, but even then drivers won't be out of the woods for long, plenty more work is planned for Perryburg next summer as well.

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