Fundraiser held for Sierah Joughin memorial scholarship fund

Fundraiser held for Sierah Joughin memorial scholarship fund

NAPOLEON, OH (WTOL) - Lots of ladies made their way to Leisure Time Winery in Napoleon to help raise money for Sierah Joughin's Memorial Scholarship fund. One of the organizers of the event says after she learned what happened to Sierah, she wanted to do something in her memory.

"Sierah's step dad is extended family. And although it's distant it still is touching. And being a mom myself, I couldn't imagine what the family was going through so I wanted to find any way I could help," said JoAnne Dennie, co-organizer of the event.

JoAnn, along with Kelly Pedraza organized the event. But the fund was actually developed when Sierah disappeared back in July. Two months after her murder, the fundraising has not stopped.

LuLa Roe Clothing was sold at the event to help raise money for the scholarship fund. A portion of the proceeds, along with a donation from the clothing company, and cash donations will go towards that fund.

Family, Friends, and the community showed up to the event, including Sierah's mom and her best friend, who says they continue to mourn the sudden loss of Sierah.

"It's tough, this is a tragedy you obviously never want to happen to anyone, let alone someone who is such a strong part of your life. So it's been very difficult to cope," said family friend June Steinmetz.

But June says events like these help to make sure she is not forgotten and ease the pain of a unexpected tragedy.

"I think these events have really helped a lot to get through and just keep Sierah's memory. And that's the thing, just keep her memory alive," said Steinmetz.

The money will go to an Evergreen High School senior, each year.

If you'd like to donate, click here.

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