Caring for Corrie: Northwood Jewelers hosts benefit for Woodville mom battling illness

Caring for Corrie: Northwood Jewelers hosts benefit for Woodville mom battling illness
(Source: Northwood Jewelers)
(Source: Northwood Jewelers)

GIBSONBURG, OH (WTOL) - A local Jeweler is kicking off a fundraiser to help a woman with mounting medical bills following numerous surgeries.

A routine hysterectomy turned out to be anything but for a Woodville mother of two. Since that surgery five years ago, Corrie Albright has been to the Mayo and Cleveland Clinics.

She has had everything from a feeding tube to an ostomy, and most recently an intestinal transplant in May.

"July 5, 2011 I had just a normal hysterectomy," Albright told WTOL 11. "And I woke up and I knew something was wrong. And I had a lot of complications. I ended up losing 60 pounds in two months."

Since then, there have been numerous surgeries and complications. Corrie now wears a mask because of a compromised immune system and shakes from her medicine.

"There's so many side effects from everything they give me," she explained. "I have all the shaking, you know I can't bend over, I can't lift stuff, I can't do hardly anything. And that's frustrating because it puts it all on my family."

Corrie has a husband, two sons and community of people who have supported her over the last 62 months.

"This whole thing is very surreal," said Mark, Corrie's husband. "It hasn't sunk in that any of this has actually happened to us."

"It breaks my heart because they have to go through all of this too," said Corrie, referring to her family.

Corrie's journey still includes weekly doctors visits and more surgeries to come in the months ahead.

"I have a big road ahead of me," she said. "I'm probably not even halfway through this."

WTOL 11's Emilie Voss  met with Corrie and Mark at Northwood Jewelers, where Corrie's elementary school friend Tara Taylor is manager.

There's a big benefit for the Albright family Friday night, Sept. 9 in Gibsonburg to help with the mounting medical expenses. So as Northwood Jewelers donated a few items for the auction, Tara took to Facebook.

"I post things," Tara explained. "And I ask for prayers and if anyone can help them financially we would appreciate anything."

About a week later she says a package shows up with a diamond ring, which Tara recognized immediately as one she helped design with a customer 10 years ago.

"I opened up the letter and it says 'I choose to be anonymous, but I want to help Corrie so do anything you can to make as much money as you can for her.'"

So now Northwood Jewelers is selling 1,000 $20 tickets for a chance to win this diamond ring appraised at $11,200.

If you want to buy a ticket, you can to go to Northwood Jewelers or call them at 419-691-6352.

The fundraiser will be held Friday night at Old Zim's Wagon Shed in Gibsonburg from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. Ticket prices for the fundraiser are $40, and include a chicken and ham dinner, a DJ, live auction, silent auction, and the 50/50 raffle.

You can also purchase a ring raffle ticket at the itself.

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