Trees demolished at Riverside Park as Perrysburg moves forward with renovations

Trees demolished at Riverside Park as Perrysburg moves forward with renovations

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Trees were demolished Thursday at Riverside Park today in Perrysburg, as city leaders move forward with their renovation plans. But the removals are upsetting some area residents.

Once finished, the park will be home to new walkways, along with landscaped areas and a plaza. The $1.5 million project kicked off construction a couple of months ago.

Perrysburg residents say, things have sped up in the last few days as trees are being removed.

Deborah Born, longtime resident of Perrysburg, has publically expressed her concern about the project.

"It just seems like it's been a constant fight for two or three years now, just to keep this nice down here. We don't want it ruined or disturbed, it's a beautiful nature area and what was beautiful here has now been destroyed," said Born.

Karen Elwardany lives on the river right next to the park. She says the construction has taken over her land.

"They're parking on my riverfront property without saying, hey can we park here? or anything," said Elwardany.

She says the removal of these trees will cause erosion, and possible damage to the side of her house. She also says the noise from the construction right outside her window causes distress daily.

"I mean I can't hold a conversation on the phone I have to go into another room, it's just disrupting all the time," said Elwardany.

Moving forward, Elwardany, hopes the city fixes any damage caused to her property, but realizes, some things she cannot get back.

"I hope they repair all of the things they have ruined, but there is no way they can replace those trees or the historical value of that land", said Elwardany.

No one from the City of Perrysburg was available to talk with WTOL about the neighbors' concerns.

The project is expected to finish sometime this fall.
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