9/11 memorial barn mural being painted in Gibsonburg

9/11 memorial barn mural being painted in Gibsonburg

GIBSONBURG, OH (WTOL) - On Sunday, Gibsonburg will be dedicating their Public Safety Service Memorial that features a piece of antennae from the World Trade Center. But another part of that project is still being completed.

On the corner of State Route 600 and County Road 32 in Sandusky County, a special tribute mural is being painted on a barn that has a connection to the Sept. 11 attacks.

When Sandusky County decided to take on a historic barn painting project last year, leaders thought one of the murals should show respect for Sept. 11 victims.

So, when they found the barn about a mile outside of Gibsonburg, they felt it was the perfect choice. To their surprise they discovered the barn had a connection to Teresa Martin-Miller from Woodville, who was killed in her office at the pentagon.

"Her brother was actually working on the barn the week of 9/11. And he was actually up on a forklift loading up sheeting for a re-roofing project they were doing when he found out that Teresa was unaccounted for in the Pentagon crash." said David Thornbury, with the Sandusky County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The mural is being painted by Scott Hagan, known as The Barn Artist. He was the artist who painted all 88 Ohio Bicentennial Barns.

Hogan says he realizes the gravity and importance of what this mural means.

"I was actually painting one of the Ohio bicentennial barns during 9-11, I was actually in Clermont County. So these memories kind of come back on why you're doing this kind of work once again," said Hagan.

He expects to have the mural complete in time for the dedication of Gibsonburg's Public Safety Service Memorial on Sunday.

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