Mike Bell campaigns across county in hopes to be elected as Lucas Co. Commissioner

Mike Bell campaigns across county in hopes to be elected as Lucas Co. Commissioner
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

LUCAS COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Mike Bell is on the campaign trail hoping to take the spot of Lucas County Commissioner from incumbent Pete Gerken.

Wednesday night he held a campaign fundraiser at Paddy Jacks in Sylvania. So far, the former mayor and fire chief is making himself seen just about everywhere.

"The German American Festival, the African American Festival, the Legacy Festival, and in those situations you have large groups of people, it's very comfortable for them, you can sit back and they can ask you questions," said Mike Bell, candidate for Lucas County Commissioner.

According to Bell, Wednesday's event was another way for him to connect with the public.

"Getting people together and sitting back and talking, covering any questions they may have and just having some fun," said Bell.

He says the goal of events and getting out in the community is to get a better idea of what the people want in their county.

The Republican candidate says his campaign is focused on making the county better and more competitive. Specifically he wants to work on reducing the county sales tax and getting the region working together.

"If they want to keep it the same, then they need to vote for the other person. But if they want changes, then I'm the person to go for," said Bell.

As far as his competition, Bell says he's the better choice because he's more social and has built strong relationships through his previous positions.

"It's not a matter of I'm doing it because I need a job, I'm doing it because I care and I have a skill set and I want to be able to use that skill set here," said Bell.

He says taking on this role as county commissioner will allow him to give back to a community who has given so much to him.

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