Lucas County Pit Crew looks for help after big increase in puppies

Lucas County Pit Crew looks for help after big increase in puppies

HOLLAND, OH (WTOL) - Some sweet little puppies need your help as a local rescue group makes a plea to the public. It has been a very busy summer for the Lucas County Pit Crew as they've taken in so many puppy pit bulls that the group is running out of food.

Amelia and Alice, four-month-old sisters, are two of the 19 pit bull puppies that are in foster care through the Pit Crew.

The shelf at the Pit Crew's facility in Springfield Township is almost bare of puppy food. The foster families are volunteers and provide homes for the puppies, but the Pit Crew pays for their food and medical care.

The group tells WTOL 11's Tim Miller as soon as they get a puppy adopted, more of them have been coming in.

They are in desperate need of the public's donation of Iams Puppy Food for large breeds. They also need monetary donations to pay vet costs for some sick dogs.

Amy Roth, of the Lucas County Pit Crew, says they don't want to turn any puppies away.

"I think there's a lack of spay and neuter in the community. There are plenty of dogs that need homes and more puppies just keep coming and there's just not enough homes for all of them. Irresponsible owners, not making sure that their dogs don't get pregnant," said Roth.

The Lucas County Pit Crew has an open house on Saturday from 2 pm to 4 pm, at their facility at 855 North McCord Road.

The open house is a chance to d rop off a bag or two of puppy food or maybe adopt your family's new best friend.
For more information on the rescue group, check out their website.

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