Senior citizens beat the heat at the Fulton Co Fair

Senior citizens beat the heat at the Fulton Co Fair

FULTON COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Wednesday at the Fulton County Fair, anyone senior age 65 or older got in free for Senior Citizen's Day, but they have to deal with the heat and humidity.

Dennis Wyse, President of the Fulton County Fair, says "The heat concerns us, but everybody just needs to stay hydrated and take care, stay out of the sun especially."

He says EMT's are staffed around the clock at the fair, specifically for heat related issues.

With Wednesday being senior citizen day, fair officials are keeping an extra eye on visitor's.

"We had a couple that got overheated yesterday, once we get them out and get them in an air conditioned room, they come back around and they're alright", said Wyse.

Throughout the fair senior citizens could be seen gathering in shaded areas, drinking water, lemonade, and even milkshakes.

Lisa Esterline brought her mom to the fair for the free admission. She says they have set aside time to rest while walking around.

"We are staying in the shade as much as possible, drinking lots of water, just going slowly through all of the buildings and stuff," said Esterline.

As far as the animals go, Wyse says he is not as worried about them as he is the senior citizens. Animals at the fair are kept under pavilions with access to fans and water.

"You just don't move them, if they lay there, they're going to be fine because they're not in the direct sunlight. Usually there are fans blowing above them to keep the air moving and they're usually content. You know if you see one panting a little, we'll go in and water it down, with water, on the belly," said Wyse.

Temperatures will be a little cooler Thursday for those wanting to attend the last day of the fair.
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