Improvement project in downtown Tiffin helps city receive additional funding

Improvement project in downtown Tiffin helps city receive additional funding

TIFFIN, OH (WTOL) - Improvement projects in downtown Tiffin is helping the city get additional funding to do more work.

The city was informed Tuesday night that they will be awarded $450,000 in grant money to assist in a downtown streets aping project and to expand a currently successful downtown beautification program.

The funding comes from a competitive community block grant that 69 communities across the state have applied for.

The money will be used in two ways:

First, part of the money will go towards complementing the new green space being built on the east end of downtown to connect Heidelberg University with downtown. The money will pay for new lighting and brickwork.

Second, the remaining money will be put into the city's façade enhancement program that has already been depleted this year. Building owners will be able to get a match in funding for improving the front of their property.

The façade program will now expand to offer grant money to nearby buildings outside of the downtown area.

Officials say it is the multitude of current downtown projects that helped insure grant money.

"A lot of, just, excitement of all the activity with all the new businesses coming in. So, we are seeing a lot of excitement and a lot of involvement. The competitive grant was dependent on all of these projects happening," said Amy Reinhart, Downtown Main Street Manager.

The streetscaping will began after sewer work on Market Street is complete.

The façade money will be handed out next year. Building owners can apply for the program by contacting SIEDC.

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