Toledo man found guilty of rape, kidnapping sentenced to 16 years

Toledo man found guilty of rape, kidnapping sentenced to 16 years

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A Toledo man found guilty of rape and kidnapping has been sentenced to 16 years in prison.

According to police reports, Jeffery Shoecraft got into a woman's car in the parking lot of Barnes and Noble on Monroe Street back in January, forced her to drive away and then raped her.

The victim then gave police a picture of Shoecraft she was able to take during the incident as evidence. Shoecraft was then arrested back in February.

On August 24, he was found guilty of the crime - a verdict that had his family shaking their heads since DNA from the incident was not a match with Shoecraft. Police, however, say a good sample was not obtained in the rape kit and when tested at the lab it did not include or exclude Shoecraft as a suspect.

During sentencing Wednesday, Shoecraft's elderly mother and brother were ushered out of the courtroom after an outburst of anger at the judge's sentence.

"We have been together for six years and this is not Scott. This has been the hardest thing besides losing my brother, and now I have lost my fiancé," said Leigh Lindsay, Shoecraft's fiancé.

Shoecraft told the judge before his sentencing that he was innocent and that the crime he was accused of was out of character for him. But, the prosecution pointed out that Shoecraft has a record full of misdemeanors including domestic violence and assault.

"I think the sentence was appropriate for the experience this woman went through. She was shopping for birthday presents for her daughter and she endured a very horrifying experience," said Brian Boos, prosecuting attorney.

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