Bowling Green City Schools deal with extreme heat

Bowling Green City Schools deal with extreme heat

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - With temperatures in the upper 90s on Wednesday some schools that don't have air conditioning were let out early.

The Bowling Green School District dismissed three schools early because there's no air conditioning in several of their buildings. The high school and two elementary schools were dismissed two hours early.

Students, staff and parents had mixed emotions, but the overriding emotion was relief.

"It was 101 in a room yesterday so after hearing all of that feedback," said Bowling Green High School principal Jeff Dever. "Mr. Scruci he kind of got a sense with all the principles and we agreed whole heartedly."

Some parents were surprised that the high school and two elementary schools were let out two hours early.

"I would rather them be safe and cautious then risking someone's health, someone passing out, dehydration anything like that," said Meghan Jamison, a parent of a BGHS senior. "I understand it even though it's a little silly but I understand it."

WTOL 11 went in to see just how hot the classrooms were, and they were humid and muggy. The home economics room felt like it was hotter than what the thermostat read, which was roughly 90 degrees. Six fans tirelessly blowing to try and offer relief.

Upstairs, where one classroom read 100 degrees at one point, felt hot and heavy with stagnant air.

The students got a little relief Wednesday, but what about fixing the no AC conditions in the future?

"The last figures I got were $11 million; It could be a little more to retrofit our building only," said Dever. "That ends up being a board of education, the superintendent and the public. If the voters want us to have air-conditioning, they'll give us air-conditioning. If not, it will continue with the status quo."

At Conneaut Elementary school, where students were let out early as well, one grandmother picking up her grandson said in her 77 years living in the area she's never seen school being let out earlier because of the heat.

The heat and early dismissal left school officials with the tough decisions about what to do regarding after school activities.

There were a number of practices and games scheduled Wednesday evening. School officials decided that the football team and men's soccer team would practice at 6 and 7 Wednesday night.

Everything was cancelled until after the peak heat of the day to keep the kids and staff safe. Even some games have been cancelled.

"The hot part of the day it's around 4 o'clock and it starts at probably about 6 o'clock to get cooler," said Dever. "So the 4:30 start for girls soccer was not good. We will reschedule because we want our JV to play too. All of the middle events are cancelled and all of our practices will be at six and 7 o'clock."

The women's golf match was also cancelled Wednesday. Any events that were cancelled will be rescheduled.

The football team started practice right at 6 pm and because it was a Wednesday before a Friday game - the practice agenda will remain
the same.

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