BG City Council votes down proposal prohibiting implementation of medical marijuana bill

BG City Council votes down proposal prohibiting implementation of medical marijuana bill

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - The medical marijuana bill the state legislature passed will go into effect on Thursday, and that has communities across the state attempting to pass resolutions to prohibit the implementation of that bill.

On Tuesday, Bowling Green City Council voted down the moratorium, even after they changed the length down from 12 months to two.

Again, House Bill 523 goes into effect on Thursday. But according to Bowling Green, rules and regulations of the bill have not been laid out by the state for medical marijuana cultivation, processing and retail dispensaries. That was the city's reason from proposing a moratorium issue to council that would allow the city to see how the state would implement the bill. This would also allow the city to see how planning and zoning would be impacted along with other departments before it goes into effect.

But some council members were not on board. They were considered they did not have enough time to consider the resolution and that this would interfere with people who need it from getting the drug. Those considers ultimately led to the propose being voted down.

"It's Tuesday and we received this on Friday, and the community has had no dialog about this what-so-ever, so it's just, I don't believe that's good process and again, I don't want to put an undo burden of even two months on folks who might need it tomorrow," said Daniel Gordon, Bowling Green City Council.

"We want to make sure that when people buy a substance from one of these retailers that there's some insurance that it's safe. That people can know what's in the product. That it's not altered," said Mike Marsh, Bowling Green City Council.

The bill says that over the next year the state will develop the rules and regulations for medical marijuana.

Even though that moratorium was voted down in Bowling Green, other cities have passed similar measures.

Napoleon, Bryan and Fostoria have passed the resolutions to restrict medical marijuana use in their communities.

Findlay city council also took up the issue Tuesday, however, no decision was made. The topic is still on the table for discussion and will be brought up again in two weeks.

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