Local Trump, Clinton headquarters ready for post-Labor Day flurry of activity

Local Trump, Clinton headquarters ready for post-Labor Day flurry of activity
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The old political saying contends that people don't start paying attention until after Labor Day, and local presidential campaign offices seem to agree as activity is picking up.

It is now crunch time, which means you'll be seeing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump volunteers more than ever.

At the Trump headquarters on North Huron in downtown Toledo, it's all about the signs. On Tuesday afternoon, volunteers were loading them up and making sure they get placed in front yards.

"This is just what it is. This is the end of summer so it's put away your white clothes and start paying attention to politics," said Lucas County Republican party chairman Jon Stainbrook.

He sees the passing of Labor Day as a re-setting of the campaigns and a new start that he hopes will end in Clinton's defeat.

"All that time in between is going to be debates, getting out the vote, and does anybody have a mess up or slip up. Are more emails going to be coming out about Hillary Clinton? Are there going to be more mistakes being made? It's been more than 270 days since she has not talked to the media," said Stainbrook.

Just blocks away on Jefferson Avenue, they were working the phone lines at the Clinton local office. Volunteers were making sure voters are registered and checking to see if they've changed their name or address.

Volunteer Charles Gradel says every hour counts now.

"We want to reach people because they know it's time to start paying attention, even greater than before, but the pressure is good. It makes us work harder, makes us more dedicated, makes us more focused on what we need to do to make sure Hillary wins Ohio," said Gradel.

The Clinton office will have more phone bank parties, potluck dinners on Friday nights, and even door to door campaigning with pets this weekend.

"It feels like an enormous amount of work but yeah it's moving faster and faster every day," Gradel added.

The Clinton and Trump campaigns are still looking for volunteers. If you'd like to help out, you can call or stop by their offices, both in downtown Toledo.

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