Council could create another outdoor refreshment area in downtown Toledo

Council could create another outdoor refreshment area in downtown Toledo
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - You may soon be able to take your cocktail out on the streets of downtown Toledo. You'll remember, an open refreshment area was created for Adams Street in Uptown.

Now, another district may be approved downtown.

Pizza Papalis is one of the restaurants that would be included in the open refreshment area. David Keen, General Manager of the restaurant, is on board with the concept. Keen is hoping an outdoor refreshment area will be just one more reason for people to come downtown and stop in his restaurant on Monroe Street.

"Anything that brings more people down here for a reason is always good for neighboring businesses, but having an actual outdoor something, maybe entices more people," said Keen.

Council members took up the proposal in agenda review, Tuesday afternoon. The area would cover the streets of Lafayette to Erie and Adams to Summit.

Like the district already in place on Adams street in Uptown, patrons would be able to take their alcoholic drink out of a bar or restaurant in a special plastic cup, and drink it as they walk around outside.

"Art walks and different things going on, adding to that, just gives people another reason to come down here and maybe enjoy it for a different reason, just a stroll down the streets and see what's going on for downtown," said Keen.

Tom Waniewski, Toledo Councilman says if passed, the businesses in the district would lay out specific times and days when they want to have the ORA.

"There are quite a bit of guidelines in place to ensure that there are no security breaches, and that nobody gets too crazy. They have to have their own label for their cup, so that we can monitor who's going in and out," said Waniewski.

He adds, it seems to be working for Adams street, but before signing off, he'd like to hear about concerns the public may have.

A public hearing will be held on Sept. 19, and a potential vote on Sept. 27.

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