UT students salute service men and women

UT students salute service men and women

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Students at the University of Toledo saluted local service men and women at a special event on campus Tuesday.

The Lucas County Sheriff, Toledo Fire Chief, and Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson all joined together at the Veterans Plaza outside of University Hall to honor those who protect our community on all different fronts.

The event was put on by the University of Toledo College Democrats as a way to recognize those who go above and beyond for our community.

Mayor Paula Hicks Hudson spoke to the crowd about how important these individuals are. She says these men and woman are called to run to danger instead of away.

"Most of us have the natural instinct to run away from danger, they are trained to run toward danger," said Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson.

Ronald Tallon, the president of the UT College Democrats, says the event goes beyond the party lines, and is about recognizing those who put their lives in danger daily for out community.

"We wanted to show that although it's such a political climate this year, and being a presidential year, we want to put partisan aside, we want to put politics aside, and just come together to thank your local community," said Tallon.

He says he hopes the event will set the tone as the election gets closer to continue to show appreciation for those who serve.

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