Sylvania welcomes back unconventional 24-hour race

Sylvania welcomes back unconventional 24-hour race
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SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - In most races, runners run until they reach the finish line. In this one however, they go until time runs out.

For the first year since 2005, the 24-hour race is back in Sylvania.

The event used to be one of the largest of its kind in the country for almost 20 years.

Olander Park not only used to host this event, but also the US Track and Field National Championship as well.

Clint McCormick says, "We are looking to make this the Labor Day tradition, and also bring the championship back here to Olander Park," said race director Clint McCormick.

Runners either participate individually or as members of a team as they circle the 1.1 mile path.

"It brings a lot of people out, it is a beautiful day, it is something different, and to say you ran for 24 hours is an amazing thing," said runner Jodi Harding , of Team 26.2 Smiles.

Robert Bonnell of Team AZH says there isn't really a way to train for a unique race like this.

"You can't really prepare for something like this. We are all runners preparing for different races so we have been running all of us, so that definitely helps," said Bonnell.

Food and drink stations are set up throughout the race for runners.

One team, 26 point 2 smiles, even had pizza delivered to their camp by friends.

"It gives us something to look forward to when we are getting done with our hour," said Harding.

Although many of the team members rest throughout, once 10 a.m. rolls around on Sunday, Team AZH plans to join together to finish the race as a team.

"Right at the end we are just going to wake up if someone is sleeping, and join together, finish together, it will be cool," said Bonnell.

The 24 hours will wrap up on Sunday with a barbeque and award presentation.

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