Rabbits help teach 4-H kids animal-raising skills

Rabbits help teach 4-H kids animal-raising skills

FULTON COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - The Fulton County Fair is here again and all the traditional farm animals are out in force.

4-H kids are showing horses, cows, and even donkeys.

But nestled in the arms of some are little guys named "Fluffy" and "Marshmallow".

Appropriate names for rabbits that are teaching kids about taking care of animals and how to show them off in front of judges.

"Make sure you feed him and water him every single day and you want to make sure that you keep on practicing the showmanship with him so that he gets used to being flipped," said 4-H member Jolie Huffman.

That's right... flipped.

Marshmallow doesn't seem to mind though, which means he and Jolie, a four year rabbit-showing veteran, are ready to compete.

"It's getting easier to know how to do it and not be as nervous," said Jolie.

The competition in the Spangler Arena goes on for hours.

That's because the rabbits are split into three different categories: showmanship, weight
and breed.

While some veterans are joining the competition, Delaney Whitaker is showing for the first time.

"Nervous, I don't really know, I'm really excited," said Delaney.

Delaney says she'll have to tell the judges all about fluffy, count the nails to make sure she's taken care of, and name the body parts.

Why show rabbits?

"I love working with animals. It's just my favorite thing to do because I'm not really the sports person, I'm more of an animal, musical person," said Delaney.

She came to the right place.

The Fulton County Fair runs until Thursday.

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