Gas pumps are newest targets of credit card information thieves

Gas pumps are newest targets of credit card information thieves
(Source: WTOL)

(WTOL) - Thieves are getting more sophisticated in the way they go about stealing your personal information.

Case in point is credit card "skimming".

A credit card skimmer is an electronic device that scans credit card information that is stored in the card's magnetic strip.

It can be attached to an ATM and, more and more frequently, a gas pump.

Banks and credit card companies are fighting back however, with new chips in their cards.

The problem is, most gas station pumps are not equipped with chip readers, meaning you could still become a victim.

Skimmers inside gas pumps will do one of two things; some will double charge you, others will charge you for more gas then you actually purchased.

"You have to protect yourself.  Watch your bank statements. When you go to the ATM, when you go to the gas pump, look for any signs of tampering, anything loose, anything rattling, anything that is wrong and shouldn't be there and don't put your card in. Alert management and see if someone tampered with that system," said Dick Eppstein with the Better Business Bureau.

As always, it's better to be safe than sorry.

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