Resurfacing project on S. Detroit Ave confusing drivers

Resurfacing project on S. Detroit Ave confusing drivers

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The completion of a resurfacing project on S. Detroit Avenue, between Arlington and South, is leading to some confusion for drivers.

Two lanes are merging into one with no signage, which has created problems for drivers.

Instead of four lanes across, there are now just three; One in each direction and a center turn lane.

"There are times when you have four lane roadways when you get a lot of people trying to turn left, turning right, trying to pass and it actually creates more accidents than if you had a three lane roadway that could handle the same amount of traffic as efficiently as a four lane road," said Douglas Stephens, Engineer for the City of Toledo.

The early confusion has come where the original two lanes merge to one. There is not yet a merge sign to indicate that old fast lane you used to like, no longer exists.

"The Toledo division of transportation will go out and sign that, but they don't do the signing until the striping is complete," said Stephens.

The city says the sign will arrive sometime next week.

Another feature of three lanes across is room for bike lanes near the curb. This is an important thing for drivers to be aware of, as it will become more and more common with the city's plan to make Toledo more bicycle friendly.

"The areas we feel we can target for that type of safety improvement and add the bike lane, without have to pay for the widening of a road or additional pavement, we're trying to seize those opportunities," said Stephens.

Signage for bike lanes will also be added as drivers and cyclists adjust to the change.

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