Toledo boxer wins IBF World Title

Toledo boxer wins IBF World Title
Toledoan Robert Easter Jr. has won the IBF Lightweight Championship title and remains undefeated with an 18-0 record.
Easter won the fight in a split decision.
Easter was knocked down just one time in the late rounds. It was the first time he has been knocked down in his professional career.

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Robert Jr., 25, is a graduate of Bowsher High School.

Before the fight he spoke about his preparation and confidence that he would come through with a win.

"This performance I'm gonna put on is gonna be one of my best performances," said Robert Jr.

At his final pre-fight press conference Friday, he said he'll spend the next week clearing his mind.

"I get nervous probably right before the bell rings, that's the only time I get nervous," said Robert Jr. "When the bell sounds that's when I just zone out and it's like a tunnel vision, and I hear or feel nothing, I just do what I do best."

His best is undefeated. Robert Jr. says the hundreds of Toledo supporters behind him is the reason he gives 110 percent.

"So I can fulfill my dreams, and to let them see that it's possible if you are dedicated and you have a dream to keep working for it," said Robert Jr.

Included in that support system is his father and coach, Robert Sr., who was also a boxer.

"Always a natural thing is a father, coach comes second," said Robert Sr.

Robert Sr. says he's so proud of his son and all of his hard work.

"Just to know people are here supporting him is a beautiful thing," said Robert Sr.

The fight took place in Reading, PA.

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