UT celebrates increase in enrollment

UT celebrates increase in enrollment

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - For the last five years, the University of Toledo has seen a steady decline in student enrollment. But after a year of work, it seems they have turned the tide.

Last school year, UT President Sharon Gaber replaced people in key positions within their admissions department.

The goal was to stop the loss of students, while also raising new student counts.

"We want students in Northwest Ohio, in Michigan and all across the state of Ohio to recognize UT for all of the wonderful programs that we have," said Gaber.

Friday morning, President Gaber held a special reception for the 85 members of the strategic enrollment planning committee, as their work has seemingly paid off.

This year, preliminary numbers show an increase of 200 students for the 2016-17 school year. And President Gaber says they have also retained more incumbent students as well.

I would say we have, and this is my effort to thank everybody for their hard work because it's paying off with success. We're excited about that," said Gaber.

Official enrollment numbers will be made public on Tuesday.

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