Vice President Joe Biden: Clinton is the best choice for working class Ohioans

Vice President Joe Biden: Clinton is the best choice for working class Ohioans

Parma, OH (WTOL) - Nearly an hour and half late, Vice President Joe Biden apologized to the small crowd that gathered at UAW Local 1005 lodge in Parma, Ohio.

He then thanked them for being patient and got down to business: making the case that Hillary Clinton's Republican rival Donald Trump "doesn't get it" - doesn't understand the delicate balance of foreign relations or the problems facing the middle class.

"Name one thing you think Donald Trump is going to do that will increase the standard of living for the middle class?" the Vice President asked.

Biden also took swipes at Republican Ohio Senator Rob Portman who is in a closely-watched race against former Ohio Governor and Democrat Ted Strickland.

On Thursday, the Clinton campaign deployed Biden to must-win swing state Ohio twice. In the morning, he stumped in Warren, located in the Youngstown area, before the evening stop in the Cleveland suburb of Parma. His marching orders: help Hillary Clinton win over working class voters.

The Democratic nominee particularly struggles with white, working class men. In national polls and here in Ohio, this voting bloc prefers Donald Trump.

But not everyone here was happy with Biden. A protestor challenged him on the Obama administration's Middle East policy.

After security and campaign staffers led him out, the Vice President picked up where he left off. He argued Donald Trump would hurt the middle class with policies that cut Social Security, but doesn't tax the rich enough.

"Hillary is absolutely determined to insist that there's more corporate responsibility and people pay their fair share," he insisted.

He reminded the crowd that the woman at the top of his party's ticket, and not her Republican challenger, is on the side of working Americans.

Who will deliver the best deal for Americans? Voters will answer that question on election day.

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