Biden talks Trump, Sen. Strickland during Clinton campaign event in Parma, OH

Biden talks Trump, Sen. Strickland during Clinton campaign event in Parma, OH

Parma, OH (WTOL) - Ohio is taking center stage as voters get one month closer to Election Day.

Both campaigns made their pitch in the Buckeye State Thursday. While Hillary Clinton was not at the event herself, a well know supporter was singing her praises in Parma.

Vice President Joe Biden stumping for Hillary Clinton made the case that her Republican rival Donald Trump, "doesn't get it."

"Doesn't understand the delicate balance of foreign relations or the problems facing the middle class. Name one thing you think Donald Trump is going to do that will increase the standard of living for the middle class?" said Vice President Biden.

The Vice President deployed by the campaign to must-win swing state of Ohio, to win over working class voters.

In national polls and here in Ohio, the white male, working class voters' bloc prefers Donald Trump.

And not everyone at the event was happy with Biden. A protestor challenged him on the Obama administration's Middle East policy.

After the protestor was led out of the facility, Joe Biden picked up where he left off – arguing that Donald Trump would hurt the middle class with policies that cut Social Security, but doesn't tax the rich.

"That's not happening anymore. Hillary is absolutely determined to insist that there's more corporate responsibility and people pay their fair share," said Biden.

Donald Trump was not Biden's only target. He also went after Ohio Senator Rob Portman, who's engaged in a heated reelection race against former OH Governor Ted Strickland.

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