Wood Co. to house Toledo's inmates

Wood Co. to house Toledo's inmates
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - It's official, Toledo's inmates are headed to Wood County. A deal was reached this week for the county to house the city's sentenced misdemeanor offenders.

"They have guaranteed me that for the next six months they will be renting 25 beds a month," said Wood County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshn.

This comes after the city walked away from the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio.

Sheriff Wasylyshn says the 25 beds will cost the city $50,000 a month plus booking and transportation fees. That price will be paid even if the city doesn't fill all the beds. And if they need more beds, Toledo would have to pay $60 additional per day, per inmate.

The sheriff says despite Toledo's issues with CCNO, he's not worried about Toledo not paying their tab.

"How do you know Toledo's going to pay your bill? I know it because they pay in advance. We got the check before we got the inmates for the entire month. They paid it all up front," said Wasylyshyn.

With all that money coming in, hundreds of thousands of dollars are on the way to the county's general fund. Money that could help pay for the recent renovations of the jail or additional expansions.

"We're talking about $600,000 a year. It's a significant amount of money coming in to Wood County. Plus the booking fees and other things they'll help us out with," said Wasylyshyn.

The sheriff says this deal isn't just a win for Wood County and their jail, it's also a win for Toledo.

"CCNO was going to charge them just under $90 an inmate per day, so were $25 less than that," said Wasylyshyn.

Right now the Wood County Jail has about 80 beds available, but if that were to change, there is some flexibility in the agreement. The county could renegotiate with the city because both parties have the option to change or leave the current agreement within a 60 day notice.

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