Senator Rob Portman talks Trump during NW Ohio visit

Senator Rob Portman talks Trump during NW Ohio visit

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A supporter of the Trump campaign isn't out campaigning with the GOP nominee, but insists he is still supporting him.

Some political writers have speculated that U.S. Sen. Rob Portman is not exactly going out of his way to lead Trump to victory in Ohio and across the country, but Portman indicated their schedules have not lined up.

Sen. Portman was in Oregon on Thursday, touring the BP Husky oil refinery and talking to workers there. He is in the middle of a re-election campaign against former Ohio Governor, Democrat Ted Strickland.

WTOL 11's Tim Miller asked Portman about his endorsement of Donald Trump for President. Portman had campaigned for Governor John Kasich until he d ropped out of the race in May.

Portman is now supporting Trump because he vowed to back whomever won the nomination. Portman said he didn't see much about Trump's headline-making visit to the Mexican President Wednesday, but he said he heard it went fine and sounded like they had a polite conversation.

"Immigration, we need to stop this drug flow," said Portman. "We need to ensure that we are in a healthy relationship in in terms of trade. So I was glad he went."

Portman was asked if he will go out on the campaign trail with Trump, especially since he has endorsed him.

"Yeah, he's actually in Ohio today but I'm here. And I'll be in Columbus later this evening with the AARP, so I am not going to be able to join him.
But I have supported him. I've said from the start that I was going to support the guy or woman who won the Republican nomination," said Portman.

When it comes to Portman's own campaign, he said he is eager to debate Strickland. The first of three debates is October 14 in Youngstown. The others are in Columbus on October 17 and Cleveland on October 20.

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