Detectives search for link between families in Springfield Twp deadly shooting

Detectives search for link between families in Springfield Twp deadly shooting
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LUCAS COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Detectives are digging into police records involving the husband and wife shot while putting their kids on the bus Tuesday morning in Springfield Township. They're also looking into records for the man police say shot the couple.

Family and friends tell WTOL there was an on-going feud between the families, but it's been difficult for police to prove that.

Investigators say, Suzie Buchholz and Dan Bennett were gunned down Tuesday morning by Jimmy Pemberton. Suzie died as a result of the shooting, while her husband Dan is still listed in critical condition at the hospital.

A Lucas County Sheriff's Office detective on the case says his team has been combing through 15 months of police records, looking for a possible link between the two families.

"If there was some sort of dispute between the shooter in this case, Mr. Pemberton, and the victims in this case, it was never reported to the Sheriff's Office," said Detective Jason Langlois.

Detective Langlois says the latest police reports involving both sides actually happened on the same night. Mr. Pemberton alleged someone tried to steal his truck and Buchholz and Bennett said they heard a loud bang outside their home and found damage the next morning.

But the Sheriff's Office says, still, there's no link.

"Ms. Buchholz actually made the statement to officers at the one scene that she has absolutely no idea who could have done this," said Langlois.

Family friend, Ashley Riancho, a family friend of Buchholz, says she was well aware that Suzie was fearful.

"She would call me and she would be like, 'I'm scared, Ash. I'm scared,'" said Riancho.

Detective Langlois says it is still early in the investigation and the Sheriff's Office will continue to interview neighbors, looking for any links.

"This is a very serious thing. There were children involved. There was a school involved, with the bus and everything and we want to get to the bottom of it," said Langlois.

A vigil will be held Friday night around 7 p.m. at the couple's home on Countway off of Angola.

If you plan to attend the vigil, you're asked to bring candles, balloons and a picture of the couple.

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