Local boy finds life changing Eye Sight technology

Local boy finds life changing Eye Sight technology

WAUSEON, OH (WTOL) - At first glance one local boy appears to be just like any other eight-year-old. He cracks jokes and he loves his Hot Wheels cars, and does all of this despite being legally blind.

Brady Hohl was especially smiley when we talked to him about the high-tech, innovative technology that can give him almost perfect vision without any invasive surgery.

The sounds of ducks quaking and turkeys gobbling are ones 8-year-old Brady hears on a daily basis. It's the sights that Brady's not familiar with.

Brady has a degenerative, genetic eye disorder called Norrie disease.

"He's had three surgeries since he was two months old to try help his vision and correct it a little bit, to reattach his retinas," said Brady's mom, Melissa Hohl.

His mom had been searching for another way to help her son see and experience life like other boys. One day while scrolling on Facebook, she found an answer.

"We were on there and saw Benjaman's post about how E-Sight changed his life because he is visually impaired also," said Melissa Hohl.

Benjaman Murray is also from Northwest Ohio. He found the life changing technology and is on a mission to help others.

"We were in my driveway and his first words to me were 'All I want to do is see,'" said Benjiman Murray.

Benjiman works with E-Sight eye wear to bring awareness to communities about this technology and how to get it for their loved ones who are legally blind.

The biggest struggle is the cost. A pair of these glasses will cost Brady's family $15,000.

"We've done rummage sales," said Brady's mom. We did the Go Fund Me and right now we're asking people to go to PNC Banks and donate."

Brady even told his mom he would sell all his Hot Wheel toys to help buy these glasses that use high speed cameras to capture what's happening in real time and display it on two powerful organic LED lens.

A spaghetti dinner will be held Sunday, September 4 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the VFW post on 1133 N. Ottokee in Wauseon.

If you would like to donate, click here.

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