BG Schools struggle with transportation times due to bus driver shortage

BG Schools struggle with transportation times due to bus driver shortage

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Bowling Green City Schools has plenty of buses, but not enough people to drive them.

It's a problem many districts are also dealing with that is now having effects on the transportation times for students.

"Today we had a collapsing of routes we had three different drivers pick up the students from the extra route that was where the driver was missing," said
Juanita Place, a bus driver and driving instructor for the district.

Francis Scruci, Superintendent of Bowling Green Schools, says they've been short drivers and will continue to be without more help.

"We're doing a fairly good job getting kids to school, but there's still those delays. And we're not delivering the children to their homes until later than they're expected," said Scruci.

According to the superintendent, extracurricular activities are also suffering because of the lack of drivers, causing students to arrive late to their destinations.

"Our drivers are great, they're pitching in right now, but we certainly need as much help as we can get. And if there's anybody out there that is looking for a job, we're definitely hiring," said Scruci.

The superintendent says you don't need experience just a good driving record and the willingness to complete the training.

"We've got to get people that are interested. That will stick with it, get certified, get their CDL and be able to drive for us. We just want to make sure that we're being as efficient as we can and make sure that we take care of our kids," said Scruci.

For more information on becoming a driver, click here or call the district at 419-352-3576.

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