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Bomb threat at Nissin Brake closes building for short time Wednesday

(Source: RNN) (Source: RNN)

Findlay police responded to another bomb threat early Wednesday, at the same plant that had a threat there earlier this month. 

Nissin Brakes Factory in Findlay experienced it’s second bomb threat, causing production to be held back two hours as police cleared the scene. 

Police were called around 1 a.m., after a bomb threat was found written on a bathroom wall. 

After evacuating all personnel, Nissin employees helped police search the entire plant. The threat is eerily similar to another threat also written on a bathroom wall back on August 18. 

Although police believe the incident is the doings of a disgruntled employee, they have to treat the threat like it is a real emergency. 

“You can't ever just wish one goes away, because there's always that chance that someone has done something. So, we have to look into each one and treat it as if it was real,” said Robert Ring of the Findlay Police Dept. 

The incident remains under investigation. If caught, the suspect could face charges of endangering the public and reporting a false alarm.

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