Student describes what she saw after bus pulled up to Springfield Twp crime scene

Student describes what she saw after bus pulled up to Springfield Twp crime scene
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) - More than a dozen students that were on the bus when a Springfield Township couple was shot while escorting their children to the bus stop are still reeling from what they saw.

What started as a normal morning for Jennifer and Shleby Aztalos quickly turned grim when the bus 9-year-old Shelby takes to Holland Elementary every morning pulled up to a murder scene.

"When we first pulled up I saw this girl like next to a telephone pole. She was laying on the ground, she really wasn't moving. So, I think I saw her mom, the mom," said Shelby.

She says her and the other students on the bus also saw a fire burning at a home near the bus stop. She says she only got a glimpse because the bus driver quickly pulled away from the scene.

"I felt scared and sad for the family," said Shelby.

Jennifer Aztalos, Shelby's mom, said she had no idea her daughter had seen the aftermath of a crime until she went to school to drop off her daughter's lunch. She was met by school officials, who told her what happened.

"It scared me to death. You know, my heart sank. I had tears in my eyes because I had no idea what she exactly saw or how gruesome it was," said Jennifer.

She then spoke with Shelby and found out what the little girl had witnessed. Jennifer says she still can't believe the incident happened around the corner from her home.

"It's scary because it's so close to home. You hear this stuff all the time, everywhere, but when it's right in your neighborhood, it's kind of like hard to settle," said Jennifer.

Jennifer was extremely gracious about the way the bus driver handled the situation, by taking the students out of harm's way.

WTOL's Breelynn Martin reached out to the bus driver, but she declined an interview.

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