Background: Springfield Twp shooter had history of domestic violence

Background: Springfield Twp shooter had history of domestic violence
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SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) - WTOL is digging into the background of the man accused of shooting a couple as they were putting their children on a school bus Tuesday morning.

According to court documents, Jimmie Pemberton was accused of domestic violence against his longtime live-in girlfriend back in 2012.

His girlfriend stated in a police report at the time she feared him and that he was violent.

A neighbor who did not want to go on camera, tells WTOL 11's Emily Nelson there was an ongoing dispute between the two families.

It seems the situation escalated after someone had broken into Jimmie Pemberton's truck two weeks ago. Pemberton had accused victim Daniel Bennett of the break in.

The neighbor says Pemberton went door to door, talking with neighbors about the break-in earlier this month and was described as mentally unstable.

The shooter's son says his father was provoked by Mr. Bennett for months and that the situation has been escalating for some time.

Officials say Daniel Bennett is going to survive, but it is unclear what his condition is at this time.

The Lucas County Sheriff's Office says the four children have been placed with Children Services as they try to locate next of kin to keep the children together.

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