Deadly crash rate higher in rural areas

Deadly crash rate higher in rural areas

LUCAS COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Deadly crashes have been an issue in our community recently, specifically in rural areas. Fulton and Lucas counties have seen six crashes resulting in deaths since January on these outlying roads.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the fatality rate in rural areas is 2.4 times more likely than in urban areas.

"All it takes is a split second," said Lieutenant Shaun Robinson of the Toledo Highway Patrol Post. "And if that split second, somebody else comes through a stop sign or you go through that stop sign, you don't see a red light or realize traffic is slowing ahead of you, if that split second is what makes a difference then that means everything in the world for that individual or that family."

The manager of Sadowski's Produce in Swanton, Constance Longberry says she has seen multiple crashes right outside the store, two which resulted in fatalities.

"I think, majorly out here, people drive so fast and don't pay attention," Longberry said.

Lieutenant Robinson urges drivers to stay safe this holiday weekend, and pay attention while they are on the roads.

"People need to make sure they are paying attention to what they are doing when they are out on the road. That way everyone enjoys the holiday weekend and they get from A to B as safely as possible", Robinson said.

Wherever your travels may take you this weekend, make sure you avoid distractions while driving.

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