Local Democrats take swings at Trump during Clinton campaign event

Local Democrats take swings at Trump during Clinton campaign event

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Local Democrats took swings at Donald Trump during a news conference, Tuesday. It all stems from a New York Times article released a few days ago, which details a history of alleged housing discrimination involving the Republican nominee.

"He continues to double down on his condescending and hateful overtures to communities of color," said Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks Hudson.

She was among several local Democrats at a Hillary Clinton campaign event to speak out against Donald Trump.

This concerns a New York Times investigation that alleges he denied housing to young black couples on a regular basis back in the 1970s. A lawsuit soon followed.

Toledo City Councilman, Larry Sykes says, "Trump often highlights the times in Cincinnati, when he visits Ohio, but what he failed to talk about is his company's practices of not renting to people of color."

But local leaders with the Lucas County Republican Party disagree with the claims and say Trump has proven he's not racist.

"Donald Trump, with his enterprise has employed more minorities and women than anybody else," said the Executive Director of the Lucas County Republican Party, Silas Tsang.

Republican leaders add Clinton has been dodging the media by not holding a press conference in nearly nine months. They also point to controversies that have dogged her throughout the campaign.

"She hasn't been forthcoming in her email scandal and people need to know about that, and NAFTA as well. Her support of NAFTA. People lost a lot of jobs in the region," said Tsang.

Each side has maintained that their candidate is the better choice.

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