TPD cars have new message that pushes for income tax renewal

TPD cars have new message that pushes for income tax renewal

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The city's latest push for renewal of the three-quarter percent income tax comes from the police department.

If the levy fails in November, police and fire services would take the biggest hits.

TPD isn't taking any chances with voters and is making it very clear why the tax is needed. That message will be in every part of the city and maybe every street, every day.

On the back of each marked Toledo Police cruiser, you'll now see bumper stickers that say, "Toledo: Your ¾% At Work."

While officers are in the cars or outside of them in the neighborhoods, Chief George Kral says they're proving what police are doing with the money that taxpayers provide. The Chief said the bumper stickers will be an easy way for people to understand what's at stake.

If voters reject it, he said drastic cuts would have to be made in the range of hundreds of officers being laid off. Chief Kral said the detective bureau would also be a shell of what it is now and officers could be taken away from schools and community policing projects.

If voters do approve it, the Chief says nothing will have to change.

"Anything to keep people focused on the importance of this," said Kral when asked about the new bumper stickers, "We don't want to reduce any kind of services that the public has grown to expect and quite honestly they deserve, so just seeing the 3/4 percent at work is just another way to remind them how important this is."

The Chief isn't making any predictions on whether the 3/4 percent renewal will pass. But he... and the bumper stickers, will keep encouraging people to vote for it.

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