Girl who underwent 10 brain surgeries donates her hair

Girl who underwent 10 brain surgeries donates her hair

(WTOL) - Last November, WTOL first shared the story of the Stamm family, a loving family of five huge Ohio State fans - a fandom that helped get them through some very trying times.

Times like when they found out their oldest child, Cayman, would be born with hydrocephalus, an accumulation of fluid on the brain that causes issues. Following her birth, the Stamm's had to travel to C.S.Mott's Children Hospital, wearing Ohio State gear every time, using the rivalry as a way to shed some light and bring smiles during a difficult time.

Since then, the Stamm's continue to make trips, less often, but always in Buckeyes' gear. And now, it's Cayman's turn to give back.

"I'm getting my hair cut," said Cayman said.

While a haircut for most, seems routine, for Cayman, it's a big deal. From the time she was born until she was two, Cayman underwent 17 surgeries, 10 of those on her brain.

So haircuts as Cayman knew it, was the surgeons shaving her head, prepping her for surgery. But that all came to an end back in 2010.

"Her last shunt revision was in August of 2010," said Kristen Stamm, Cayman's mom. "So for six years her hair has just been growing, and it's been kind of a representation of the six years of health and stability she's had."

But it's not just that she's getting her hair professionally cut, she's doing much more.

"Other kids don't have hair so I help give them hair," said Cayman.

She's donating her hair, something she's been wanting to do for a while, but wanted to see Rapunzel at Disney World first before cutting her long locks.

The day has finally come, making this haircut extra special for her and her family.

"Her hair has nerve endings to my heart. Every time I comb it, brush it, I think about those six years and what we've had and what we've wanted, and we've had it. So we want to celebrate by giving back," said Kristen.

This also comes at a time where the Stamm's are celebrating two years of Cayman being seizure-free. As her mom Kristen says, her hair is a sign of her strength and her health, and they hope it'll do the same to whoever receives it.

"I think we hope that we can give them something happy to feel in a time that's hard for them. Let them know that they're supported. They're not alone. It takes a community to keep the ship floating and that's what we want to do," said Kristen.

Sharing in the special day with the Stamm's is Jessie Rosebrook. She wasn't just the only person to give Cayman her only professional haircut of her life, but also knows what it's like to face adversity.

"I have brain cancer, and I've been battling it for nine years. I've had two brain surgeries, and I'm on chemo right now. I feel really good and I'm just thankful for every day we get," said Jessie.

While Jessie hasn't lost her hair during her fight, she knows how important this day is to Cayman.

"It means a lot. She's just a miracle. And it's just really cool to see what she's accomplished, and how far she's come.

Jessie says it's a really cool feeling to be a part of it all. 

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