Sandusky Commissioners weigh legal options as Sheriff's Office face another leader's departure

Sandusky Commissioners weigh legal options as Sheriff's Office face another leader's departure

SANDUSKY COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Another change at the top of the Sandusky County Sheriff's office, as the office now has their third administrator in charge in less than a week. But County officials are not worried, and are carefully going over their options.

Monday afternoon, the Sandusky County Commissioners held an executive session with their County Prosecutor to go over what their options will be for the future of the Sandusky County Sheriff's Office.

Commissioners couldn't go into detail about what was discussed in the closed door meeting, but said they were basically going over their options on several possible outcomes of the filed suspension request against current Sheriff Kyle Overmyer.

Until the suspension is voted on by a three-judge panel of the Ohio Supreme Court, County officials can not name an interim Sheriff. Also, Sheriff's Department second in command, Chief Deputy Bruce Hirt retired on Friday, leaving administrative duties to 30-year veteran Captain Steve Stotz.

But the turmoil in the department does not have commissioners worried.

"Well, I think that our department heads and everybody that's in charge out there know how to handle each and every department. And we're leaving a lot of the decisions up to those department heads," said Sandusky County Commission President Charlie Schwochow. "And like I said, the administrative person who remains in charge makes sure everything is handled properly."

Schwochow says county officials are taking their time with any decisions in this case, because it is a unprecedented scenario for a county to be in.

"Well, this isn't something that has ever happened before. And from what I understand, it's pretty much unheard of, this whole situation. So, we're probably going through it for the first time around here." said Schwochow.

The Ohio Supreme Court's decision on Overmyer's suspension could be reached by next week.

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