Candidates prepare as first Presidential debate is one month away

Candidates prepare as first Presidential debate is one month away
(Source: CNN)
(Source: CNN)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - As the candidates prepare to go head to head in their first debate, a political scientist at the University of Toledo says it's important to remember that debates, historically, are rarely game changers. But as Trump trails Clinton in the polls right now, he may be more willing to take risks, in order to gain ground, while she may be more cautious.

Locally, both parties say their candidate will win.

"I'm not concerned about competition. Donald Trump has shown his volatility, his divisiveness," said Joshua Hughes, Chairman of the Lucas County Democratic Party.

The Lucas County GOP Chairman says the debate is an opportunity for Trump to come out swinging on controversies surrounding the Clinton Foundation.

"They raised $250 million dollars selling access to government," said Jon Stainbrook, Chairman of the Lucas County Republican Party. Donald Trump will dominate the debates and it's going to be one of the biggest watched events in presidential campaign history."

Meanwhile the Lucas County Democratic Party Chair says Clinton may use the debate to focus on the working class. He says he's not worried about Trump chipping away at Clinton's lead.

"Mr. Trump has shown his volatility. His divisiveness. Propensity to lash out," said Hughes.

The second and third debates are scheduled for October 9 and October 19.

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