Money Talks News: Cheap home repairs you need to make today

Money Talks News: Cheap home repairs you need to make today

For many of us, the lousy economy means putting off major home improvement projects. But no matter how tight money is, there are simple projects you can't afford not to do.

For example, your air filters. According to Angie's list, 60 percent of heating and cooling service calls are due to dirty filters; they also cost energy money. Change or clean them monthly.

Also, Leaky faucets can cost you $25 each year if it's cold water, and sometimes $25 each month if it's hot water. So you've got to fix these leaky faucets; also running toilets: the fix is usually cheap and easy.

Another thing to check is the caulking around your tub and shower. That's what keeps mold away and your drywall dry. Chalk is a lot cheaper then new drywall and tile.

Be sure to check out the weatherproofing on your windows and doors. Use a candle to see where air is leaking, then seal off those places and cut your energy bill by up to 10 percent a month.

Finally, take the time to go around your house and inspect your electrical outlets, light switches and smoke detectors. Bad wiring can cause fires, smoke detectors save lives.

Bottom Line? There are simple repairs you can do that are going to save you money and maybe even your life. So why not do them?

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