Biden says Trump shouldn't have nuclear codes during Youngstown visit

Biden says Trump shouldn't have nuclear codes during Youngstown visit

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (AP) - Vice President Joe Biden is in northeast Ohio Thursday to campaign for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

At his first event, Biden said Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is irresponsible and shouldn't be given access to the United States' nuclear codes.

Biden was speaking to about 250 people at a United Auto Workers union hall near Youngstown in Ohio's Mahoning Valley, an area of this bellwether state where Trump showed considerable strength during the Republican primary.

It's the second time Biden has campaigned for Clinton.

While Biden repeated throughout the speech that Clinton "gets it" when it comes to the middle class, he largely concentrated on the role of unions in revitalizing the American auto industry. He also talked about his family's struggles growing up and Trump's inability to connect with working-class Americans.

Biden is scheduled to appear at a UAW union hall later Thursday outside of Cleveland.

WTOL's Viviana Hurtado will be at the event - watch for live updates on WTOL 11 and FOX 36 tonight. 

The region is considered critical to winning Ohio, a key political battleground. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been in both Akron and Youngstown this month.

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