Woman stabs 14-year-old girl outside Woodward High School

Woman stabs 14-year-old girl outside Woodward High School

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo police are searching for the woman responsible for stabbing a teenage girl.

According to police, the stabbing happened just after midnight outside Woodward High School.

Family members of the 14-year-old victim say two groups of kids have been fighting on Facebook, which led to the physical attack.

The details are still fuzzy, but a woman apparently showed up to the fight and stabbed the girl.

The victim, whose name we are not releasing because of her age, was taken to St. Vincent Hospital with stab wounds to her liver.

"I was told that the weapon was a hat that had a knife put on top of it... that she took out of her backside," said Sheronda Coulter, the victim's aunt.

Coulter believes the suspect should have tried to diffuse the situation instead of becoming part of it.

"It was basically kids being kids," said Coulter. "An adult decided to go and involve herself in something that should have been left between 11, 12 and 13 year olds."

Police have not released any information about the suspect, but they believe she is a mother of another teen involved in the fight.

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