Bedford Public Schools: Red means stop

Bedford Public Schools: Red means stop

BEDFORD TOWNSHIP, MI (WTOL) - Bedford Public Schools is sending out a plea to drivers: Stop for school buses.

The district says the number of people not stopping when students get on and off buses has skyrocketed; so they started a campaign to address the issue, to keep your kids safe.

"It only takes a minute for the children to load and unload. Please stop," said Terry Holbert, the director of transportation for the district.

Holbert says he wants people to remember to stop as more buses take to the streets, but people have not been adhering to that law.

"In the last two years it went up almost 1000 percent. And I'm guessing the primary cause of this is because people are texting more and more or on their cell phones. And they just go around the bus," said Holbert.

It's a trend Darlene Bulmer can identify with. She has been a bus driver for years.

"It's scary out there. I've been out with little kindergartners and helped them when we had half days cross. And it's scary for me out there, the little ones really have to be," said Bulmer.

The director says the dramatic jump caused the district to launch this campaign "Red Means Stop" in an attempt to keep kids safe. The signs can be found across the area.

"What we're doing is reminding the public that when the red lights are on and we're crossing students to stop 50 feet behind the bus and 50 feet in front of the bus," said Holbert.

The director says bus drivers will be on the lookout for people not following the law and passing along their information to police. So if you don't stop for a bus, you could wind up with a ticket.

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