Lickity Split ice cream shop closing for season after crash

Lickity Split ice cream shop closing for season after crash
(Source: Robert Draper)
(Source: Robert Draper)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A crash ended with an SUV slamming into an ice cream shop!

Just after 9 p.m. on Thursday night, a Lincoln Navigator driven by Annalisa Jaso crashed into the front of the Lickity Split ice cream shop on Glendale and the Trail in south Toledo.

Police say Jaso first hit a car at the Anthony Wayne Trail and South Avenue and sped off.

The SUV she was driving was then tracked down at Lickity Split, and police pinned it in.

That's when Jaso crashed into the building trying to get away. She fled the scene on foot, taking her baby with her.

Toledo Police later caught up with her, where they say she had been drinking.

The manager for Lickity Split says it's been an interesting first year for the owners of the small business.

Earlier this year, a power line near the business was hit by a falling tree.

And now this.

The shop usually closes after Labor Day.

Sadly, the damage caused by the crash is causing Lickity Split to close for the season.

"It was a good summer. We can't complain. I mean, we had some bumps in the road but it's going to be fine. It's going to be put back together, it's going to look better than ever," said manager Deanna McHugh.

Deanna thanked her loyal customers for checking in with them on Friday.

And she says Lickity Split will be ready to reopen as usual in April.

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