Families describe survival after homes damaged in possible tornado in Paulding Co

Families describe survival after homes damaged in possible tornado in Paulding Co
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CECIL, OH (WTOL) - The National Weather Service will have survey crews in Paulding County, to confirm reports of a destructive tornado.

On Road 85, a possible tornado hit the Logan family's house. A mom had to shield her kids in the bathroom.

At the Logan property, there was debris everywhere and a barn was smashed. But the worst was the loss of their home.

Jessie Logan was home with her 12 year-old daughter Kylie and 14 year-old son Cole.

"I look over and I just see this big rotating cloud of darkness so then we just gather up what we had in our hands and we ran to the bathroom," said Cole. His mom added, "And he said it's a tornado and I just said in the bathroom now! And we all three got into the bathroom."

That's when Jessie knew she had to act fast.

"And you could hear all the cracking of the dry wall. As soon as that happened my instincts were, my arms flew out to cover the tops of the kids and then the roof got sucked off," she said.

John Logan, Jessie's husband, rushed home from work.

"There is just so much damage here. Everything is gone," he said. When asked if their survival was hard to believe, given the destruction, he said, "They made it. I mean, I'm just at a loss for words."

The Logans had a few cuts and bruises, but survived.

Not far away on Road 230, cleanup continued at the Rhonda and Joe Friend house. The possible tornado sent a tree right down on the roof and Joe didn't have time to get to the crawl space.

"The noise. He said it was just so loud and when it crashed, and it also crashed through part of the garage roof where he was," said Rhonda Friend. "So he was shook up but he was very thankful."

The village of Cecil and Crane Township were shaken, but grateful no one was seriously hurt or killed.

"I mean, you can get it replaced at some point but family comes first," said John Logan. "This is all material. Can't replace family."

The Logans are waiting for their insurance adjuster to come out and assess the damage. Meanwhile, the county EMA has offered to clear the debris from their yard.

Paulding County EMA Director Ed Bohn said they were given enough warning before the possible tornado hit and he's very relieved there were no fatalities.

"We try to emphasize with the public, if you don't have a basement, go to a safe, centered area in the house and that's usually the bathroom," said Bohn.

He says County leaders have declared a state of emergency. Now they're waiting for the state Emergency Management Agency to arrive and do their own assessment and make disaster declaration.
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