New FDA approved concussion test available in Toledo area

New FDA approved concussion test available in Toledo area

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Next time you or your child suffer from a possible concussion, there is a newly approved test available doctors here in Toledo are taking advantage of.

With high school football season kicking off, talk about concussions are coming back to the forefront. But for this football season, a test used for years by doctors and team trainers has now received FDA approval.

The IMPACT test was developed in 2006 as a way to more accurately diagnose and track a concussion patient's brain activity. The test goes through multiple sequences of numbers, colors, symbols and shapes. The digital results are then compiled in a database to track their recovery process.

It's not just for athletes either, but it's now viewed as an important tool for any concussion patient of any age.

"We've used it for a little while and know it's important in that picture, and it helps to  guide getting back to play." said Matt Roth, MD with ProMedica Family & Sports Medicine. "But also for a lot of our school aged children getting back to learning as well."

Some local high school districts have already had their athletes take a test this summer to act as a baseline in case they suffer a concussion at some point later.

For more information on the FDA approved test, click here.

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