Tornadoes touch down in NW Ohio - August 24, 2016

Tornadoes touch down in NW Ohio - August 24, 2016

(WTOL) - There had not been a tornado in Northwest Ohio since November 17, 2013. On Wednesday, August 24th two thunderstorms produced reports of at least 20 tornadoes - in one day!

The first tornado touched down at 5:56 PM near Antwerp in Paulding County. That storm ran along and just north of the Maumee River dropping tornadoes in Paulding, Defiance, Henry and Lucas counties.  Another storm spawned a tornado at 6:34 PM in Van Wert County. This storm moved northeast bringing tornadoes to Van Wert, Putnam and Henry counties.

Below is a list of tornado reports listed through the Storm Prediction Center:

5:56 PM:  near Antwerp, Paulding county.

5:59 PM:  near Cecil, Paulding county.

6:02 PM:  near Cecil, Paulding county.

6:13 PM:  near Sherwood, Defiance county.

6:27 PM:  near Brunersburg, Defiance county.

6:34 PM:  near Middlebury, Van Wert county.

6:36 PM:  near Brunersburg, Defiance county.

6:39 PM:  near Van Wert, Van Wert county.

6:42 PM:  near Glenmore, Van Wert county.

6:43 PM:  near Brunersburg, Defiance county.

6:51 PM:  near Okolona, Defiance county.

6:53 PM:  near Napoleon, Henry county.

6:53 PM:  near Napoleon, Henry county.

6:56 PM:  near Okolona, Henry county.

6:57 PM:  near Napoleon, Henry county.

7:12 PM:  near Wetsel, Van Wert county.

7:26 PM:  near Mandale, Putnam county.

7:36 PM:  near Continental, Putnam county.

7:48 PM:  near Whitehouse, Lucas county.

8:06 PM:  near Gallup, Henry county.

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