Wendy's makes $18,000 donation to Adopt America Network

Wendy's makes $18,000 donation to Adopt America Network

(WTOL) - In the month of July, Wendy's stores raised almost $18,000 for the 'Adopt America Network' by selling $1 paper bricks to customers.

The Adopt America Network is actively working with Lucas County Children Services to find permanent homes for kids already in the Foster Care system.

"Our counties need lots of help because they need lots more foster families. And then we need to be able to provide these services to find families for adoption," said Wendy Spoerl.

The network relies heavily on this funding for eliminate cost barriers for families. More than 100 kids were placed because of their work last year.

"It isn't about just getting the kids home, it's about helping them stay there and thrive," said Wendy Spoerl.

Christy Holtz, Adopt America Program Manager, adopted a child of her own through this same program. After her daughter spent seven years in the foster care system, Holtz was able to finally provide her a permanent home.

"You kind of see her becoming happier and embracing the fact that she has a family that's now committed to her for her whole life," said Holtz.

The Adopt America Network will continue to work to raise money for their cause through their 31st Annual Home for Good Gala in October.

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