Detroit manufacturing company breaks ground at historic Toledo site

Detroit manufacturing company breaks ground at historic Toledo site

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The original home of Jeep continues its big comeback. The Overland Industrial Park on Jeep Parkway is getting a second big plant to support the Jeep Wrangler.

In the next two weeks they'll start building for Detroit Manufacturing Systems (DMS). The plant will make important interior components like dashboards and steering wheels for the Wrangler.

Local leaders never turn down a chance to turn over dirt for a project that will bring new jobs and that's what they did Thursday morning.

Detroit Manufacturing Systems says 100 jobs will be created the first year and they project 300 more jobs by the second year.

"Anything about creating opportunity and sustainable careers in jobs in our cities, particularly in the cities and neighborhoods that have been chronically underserved, has been a mission that everyone unites around," said  Andra Rush, CEO of DMS.

DMS will be the next door neighbor of Dana's new axle manufacturing plant, a project announced earlier this year that will create 300 jobs of its own.

"Just two weeks ago we celebrated our 75th year of making the Wrangler here in Toledo, Ohio and with your coming into our city to help us, we're going to have at least 75 more years," said Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson.

The NAI Harmon Group is the site developer at Overland Industrial Park. It's CEO, Ed Harmon, says there's over 400,000 vehicles projected per year. So the company sees nothing but great success for DMS and Toledo in the future.

Lucas County provided a loan to help jump start the DMS plant. Commissioner Carol Contrada says she looks forward to its success.

"When there is full employment, when people are working, it helps neighborhoods, it helps families, it helps the future generation." She added, "It's a great time to be here, it's a great time to live here, it's a great time to work here."

Harmon said there is room for one more major development. He said negotiations are ongoing with an auto-related company but he could not reveal their name.

"It's in that field. It's a little different process out in that field and it is another great company, such as DMS, that brings good employment. Good wages, good benefits and again, supports a living wage for a family to buy a house, buy cars, support the schools."

Right now no one is saying who that next company is, in order to protect negotiations. If the decision is finalized, you will see even more dirt being moved around.

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