Defiance County reports first Zika case

Defiance County reports first Zika case
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Defiance County (WTOL) - The Defiance County General Health District reported a new case of the Zika virus Wednesday in Defiance County.

According to a press release, the person afflicted is a returning traveler from a Zika invested country.

The person tested positive for the virus shortly after returning from the trip in July.

"This case is a travel associated case," said Defiance Health Commissioner Kimberly Moss, "there have been no cases of Zika virus transmitted through mosquitoes in Ohio."

This is the 34th case of the Zika in the State of Ohio. All but one case came from mosquitoes outside the state. The other case came from sexual transmission.

The primary species of mosquito known to carry the disease is found in tropical area.

However, a relative of that species0 found in some parts of Ohio could potentially carry the virus.

Moss says, "There is no vaccine available for Zika virus at this time, so it's important for Ohioans traveling to Zika-affected areas to take steps to prevent the mosquito bites,"

The Defiance County General Health District aslo recommends sexual partners use a condom to prevent sexual transmission of the days.

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