Bedford football says teams bond will make upcoming season great

BIG BOARD PREVIEW: Bedford football says teams bond will make upcoming season great

TEMPERANCE, MI (WTOL) - The last two seasons have been subpar for Bedford standards, just missing the playoffs by one game in 2014 and finishing under 500 last year. But it's a new year with a new outlook for this senior-loaded team.

"With 40 seniors we've all been playing together since junior high and up, so we work well together and we all know what we're capable of," said Trevor Carr, Senior Left Tackle.

Brady Nowak, Senior Running back, says its the last year, and everyone just needs to go for it.

"We all know each other, we've all been with each other for the last four years, and we're all just ready," said Nowak.

But it's not just that they work well together. It's also the family mentality they share.

"Our shtick that's on most of our shirts says 'family'. And that's our number-one thing, on the back of our jerseys, every one of them has family on the back, so just to remind them that hey we're a brotherhood, that's the only way you can play this game," said Jeff Wood, Head Coach.

It's a bond that was put to the test when fellow senior John Scout was diagnosed with cancer in May.

Since then, Scout has had surgery to remove the tumor. His team has been with him every step of the way.

"These are my 65 sons, so when one of them is reeling, then, you know, I feel like that father," said Wood.

Carr says everyone knew Coach Scout would get through it.

"He's a very strong-willed kid. We stuck with him, went and visited him at the hospital, we all stay positive about it," said Carr.

While he's undergoing chemo treatments, he hasn't missed a day of practice. Sitting in the shade, watching on as his team gets ready for season. His presence meaning more than words or actions.

"He's a big role model to us with how much he's been fighting through it. His energy is bringing us up as well. He's always out here saying hi to us, asking how we're doing, good conversation. He's really bringing our positivity up," said Nowak.

Bedford opens up their season at home against St. Francis.

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