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Jury to finish deliberations Wednesday in Lucas County rape, kidnap case

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The jury of five women and seven men in a Lucas County rape case were sent home Tuesday night and will continue to deliberate Wednesday morning.

At 4:27 p.m., just before Judge Gary Cook was set to dismiss the jury for the day, the jurors delivered a question to the judge. 

The judge presented this to both the defendant Jeffrey Shoecraft and his council and the state's attorney. Shoecraft is charged with raping and kidnapping a woman in January. 

The judge stated the question was a formality and couldn't be answered by the court. 

When DNA from the incident was not a match with Shoecraft, he denied the plea deal from the state. Rather than pleading guilty to lesser charges, Shoecraft chose to  maintain his innocence and go to trial. 

The victim snapped a picture of Shoecraft, which led to his arrest in February. He has been held behind bars since then, because he can not afford to post bond. 

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